" Not all who wander are lost."


I'm BACK!!!

Ok, I have returned. I got very busy at work and had to walk away from the world of blogging for a bit, but do not fret. I'm ready for day 14.... a hero who has let you down (it says write a letter, but I won't )

I can not actually think of one person I would call a hero who has let me down as an adult. I know better than to expect anyone to be perfect, especially not celebrities, athletes, etc. The heroes in my life are people I actually know. People who inspire me to be a better me in many areas. My hubby, who is such an amazing father to Hannah, inspires me to keep my patience with her. My in laws, who have been married forever and still laugh and smile together inspire me. I have friends who are "heroes" because they are excellent wives and fabulous mothers and fathers. I know many military heroes, whose bravery I could never even grasp. I have heroes I look up to at work, trim carpenters who can fix anything, guys like Dad who can solve the worlds problem with a drill and some screws. I never in my adult life have looked to any one person to be a hero in every area.

I guess to satisfy this topic I'll say that when I was much younger looked up to my parents as heroes in every area of my life. What little girl doesn't think her Daddy hung the moon, and want to grow up to be just like Momma? When they divorced, I discovered that even parents aren't perfect. They let me down. I thought they would be together for my whole life. I expected to always have my complete family at home each night for dinner. If I could count on anything in life it was them, and then they were separated and I was beyond lost. Since then, I realized that no one is perfect. Life is rough and things just happen. If I can count on anything, it's that things will change and I'm ok with that now. Maybe they did me a favor teaching me that so young.

I pray daily and try to be sure God is in control of my life. I enjoy my "heroes" for what they can inspire in me. I know that no one is perfect, and do not expect anyone to be (well except myself, but that goes back to day 1 and "let it go").

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