" Not all who wander are lost."


Day 9

Someone you didn't want to let go, but just drifted....

I have lots of friends who fit into this category. I believe that you never lose a friendship, no matter how much time and space is between you. I have many old friends I haven't seen in years, but think of very often. For the sake of this blog, I will pick one:

My very dear friend and DZ sister Melissa, I miss you. You were part of our family right after we married. You were there for our wedding, worked along side me at probably the toughest job ever, and listened to me vent. I was with you the day I found out my grandmother died, and you drove all the way to Nashville for the visitation. You not only walked 60 mile and shared a tent with me, but you did it TWICE! We shared many late nights, lazy weekend naps, cold walks, and random funny moments. You always know the best new books and movies out. I can't watch a Harry Potter without thinking of you! I don't think I would have made it through the crazy newly wed years without you to make me laugh. You have the most quirky and cool personality, and I miss it very much!

Moving away from you was the worst part of leaving Murfreesboro. I always knew you'd end up back home, and am so happy that you are finally near your family. I remember how much you missed them in college. I promised myself I would always take a fall weekend to go visit you, and did for the first few years, but then Hannah came along and I got busy. I never intended to let you drift out of my life, it just happened. I still love catching up with you on the phone whenever we get a chance, and promise to make the trip to see you before this year is over!

Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!


Jenn said...

Thats sweet! I sure hope she reads this!

MelissaLVMT said...

Wow, Thanks for posting this Abs! I miss you so much as well! I got a little misty reading this... and for those who know me, it takes a lot to make me cry. Leaving Murfreesboro was one of the hardest things I ever did because I was leaving everything behind. I moved there not knowing a soul and left with many DZ sisters and friends but I left my best friend behind as I started my new life at home in Knoxville.

From becoming my big sis in DZ to helping me get a job at the best/worst place (Abby will know what this means for anyone else reading)... to taking many walks, naps, ice cream runs, movie dates, dinner dates, walking 120 miles for breast cancer while literally freezing to death in a tent built with enough room for a shoelace but magically held both of us and all other randomness; I had a blast. I know we didn't mean to drift apart. It just happens, it's a little thing called life.

We'll get together soon - whether now or maybe even next year, I know it will happen. I miss you a lot and look forward to the many years ahead as we continue to be friends despite being in different time zones.

ITF, Melissa