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Day 13

A band or Artist who has gotten you through some tough ass days (write a letter.)

Um, ok. So maybe a 14 year old created this list after all.... I'll attempt. It'll be lame. Just warning you.

Dear James Taylor (told you it'd be a lame attempt at a letter),

    I have seen you in concert with the greatest loves of my life. Even once, I sat at the Ryman, singing along, with sweet Hannah in my belly. Your sweet, smooth voice mellows me. Your lyrics remind me that all is well in the world. My Dad introduced me to your music long long ago (by 8 track). I feel like I have known the words to Sweet Baby James since I could talk, though never could sing them in a way that would do anything but insult you :)

I have listened to you through some tough break-ups. You helped me fall asleep at night, and I spend many mornings listening to One Man Band as I apply my makeup. I even selected "How Sweet it Is (To Be Loved By You)" as my first dance with my husband. "You were better to me than I was to myself. For me there's you and nobody else..." Could there be more perfect lyrics for a first dance? Bonus- It was upbeat, went by fast, and easy to dance to in front of 150 of our closest friends/ family members. You have a little country twang and great soulful and sometimes funny lyrics.I can listen to most any of your songs without worrying that Hannah will start asking about the meaning of certian "words".

I laugh now when Hannah points out that "Our Town" from Disney's CARS, "Sounds like that man you like Mama..." She can already hear and pick out your voice. She has been listening to you since conception. She'd better know you. I want her to at least be exposed to real music, before Hannah Montana or that Beaver kid infect her brain.

So, Thank You James. Thank you for being an awesome musician. Thank you for being someone that my hubby and I can both enjoy (which is a great feat considering he is such a metal head). You have laid out some pretty daunting challenges when it comes to guitar playing. I'm tackling some of them as best I can. I'll try to do you proud.

Sincerly (and reluctantly writing this)

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Jenn said...

I LOVE James Taylor. Like you, my father introduced me to James when I was a little kid. (Our dads must be from the same era!) Theres something about his voice, music and presence that can dwell up all kinds of feelings in people.

Thanks for playing some James Taylor on the guitar for me by the way! We still need a guitar/singing date!