" Not all who wander are lost."


Day 11

Something I often get compliments on...

This is tough for me. I don't really believe compliments, I just think people are trying to be nice or come up with something to fill a gap in conversation. There is nothing physically about me that ever gets complimented really, maybe my hair cut. I will keep this to tomorrows blog...

I do always get compliments on my cooking. I am a pretty good cook, and hardly ever use recipes. Everytime I make something for Jason, he raves over it. I am proud of my abilities, especially considering I'm not even 30. I think this makes me a pretty good house wife as well :) I am very creative at concocting recipes, and always come up with new flavors to try. I love to have dinner parties and cook for anyone who will taste.

Compliment my food, and I'll probably cook for you too, anytime you want.

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