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Day 2

Something I love about myself....

It's hard for me to speak of myself very positively, but since that's the assignment and something I need to work on, here goes:

I am hyper focused. I am proud of the fact that I possess the ability to set my sights on something I want and get it done. Ever worked on a project with me? Look out, because if you slow down I may steam roll you in effort to be sure the task is accomplished (if I have done this to you dear reader, I apologize).

This makes me good at my job. I can draw a very detailed kitchen or whole house in a day. I just sit and pluck away until, in my mind, it's perfect. No need for a break, I may lose focus. Phone ringing? Likely I will let it go to voice mail to maintain my focus. I do need to work on multi-tasking skills, but am proud of the fact that I can keep my focus. This also makes me good at remodeling. I am able to stay focused on a project and all its details from start to finish and am so proud of the ones we have done in our home over the past year.

I was always a good student for this reason. I did well in college because I spent my years at MTSU focused on graduation (well, there were a few worthy distractions). I could even sit through one of those horrid night classes without napping!

Recently I have been very proud of my focus in a new area. I am learning to play the guitar. I decided it was time to take up a hobby I love, just for me. I made my decision, found a great teacher and off I went. Lesson one: C, D, G. I went home and worked until my little fingers screamed, but I got it. Each week since I have committed to focusing on trying my best to perfect whatever the new thing is. I play for hours each day, but by the next lesson I'm (usually) ready to move on. 5 months later, I just played in a student "hoedown". I learned and played 20+ new songs. This would not have been possible for me without focus (well, and Steve. Thanks!) For me, it has been a great accomplishment to take the time to focus on a hobby I love.

So there... call it bragging if you want, but I am proud of myself and my ability to focus. Hopefully I'll be able to stay focused on keeping up with this blog.

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Falantedios said...

"So there... call it bragging if you want, but I am proud of myself and my ability to focus."

I do not want :)

That kind of focus is something my brain is hard-wired against (which is was at Lipscomb from '94-'98 w/o graduating!). I seem to be able to compensate in other ways, though.

Anyway... glad to see you writing again! I think you will stick with it, and end up loving it.